400t/h Green Environmental Protection Fine Sand Production Line
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As we all know, the current environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. The construction of environmentally friendly enterprises and environmentally friendly factories has become the future development trend. The development of mechanical sand production lines is hot. For sand and gravel factories, environmental protection is mainly limited to dust and noise. Usually closed production can achieve a large degree of environmental protection. First, the installation of multi-effect dust removal equipment is necessary. At the same time, the production line adopts a partially closed design, and the dust cover is used to collect the generated dust, which can reduce the dust pollution to a large extent; second, the design of the closed board room can be significantly reduced Noise pollution is one of the important conditions for environmental protection of sand and gravel production lines.

400t/h high-quality machine-made sand production line in Shaanxi Luonan conforms to the green and environmentally friendly sandstone production concept. The production line is produced in a fully enclosed workshop. Each crusher has dust prevention measures to avoid dust from the source. The crushed material of this mechanism sand production line is granite. Wet sand is used. The produced sand is cleaned by the fine sand recovery system. The product quality is good. The product particle size is 0~5mm. Next, we will introduce the equipment used in this production line.

1. JC125 jaw crusher

Maximum feeding granularity: 810mm; production capacity: 270~800mm; discharging granularity: 100~250mm.

JC series jaw crusher is common coarse crushing equipment in ore crushing. This crusher is mainly used to crush large pieces of high-hardness ore materials with a processing capacity of 50-1500t/h. This equipment has a unique cavity shape and operating characteristics Superior, large processing capacity, large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, durable, easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving, etc., widely used in the coarse crushing of various materials in construction, building materials, transportation, mining, chemical industry, water conservancy and other industries broken.

2. GPY400S single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Maximum feeding granularity: 360mm; production capacity: 400~700mm; discharging granularity: 30~50mm.

GPY series cone crusher belongs to secondary crushing equipment, but it is different from the impact crusher. It can crush medium-hard and above materials, with a processing capacity of 100-2176t/h. The cone crusher adopts the principle of lamination crushing, and the materials are on the fixed lining the board and movable lining board are laminated and crushed, and the product has a good grain shape. It is mostly used for various hard materials such as granite, iron ore, basalt, etc. It can be widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, mining, sand and aggregate, cement mining, etc. medium and fine crushing of minerals and rocks.

3. PFY1315 high-efficiency hydraulic impact crusher

Maximum feeding granularity: 300mm; production capacity: 160~260mm; discharging granularity: ≤ 40 (80%~90%) mm.

PFY series high-efficiency hydraulic impact crusher adopts heavy-duty rotor body structure, large-capacity crushing cavity, anti-wear alloy plate hammer, heavy impact-resistant impact liner, and multi-point hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic opening device to ensure its super strength, the crushing capacity and crushing effect, the feed size is large, the output size is smaller and finer, the crushing ratio is larger, and the product shape is good. It is widely used in the medium and fine crushing of low-abrasive rocks in the aggregate industry.

4. PLS1200 vertical impact crusher (sand making machine)

Maximum feeding size: 5~60mm; production capacity: 320~715mm.

PLS series vertical impact crusher is a new generation of sand making equipment. It has a very high cost performance and is one of the most popular equipment on the market. The advantage is that the sand making effect is very good and the efficiency is very high. It has the dual functions of sand making and shaping. And, the use of deep cavity impeller design can increase the stone throughput by more than 30%. The design of the sealed cavity of the equipment reduces the impact of dust and noise, and truly achieves environmental protection.