How to Configure the Crushing Equipment of the Sand Production Line?
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A complete sand and gravel production line is composed of equipment of different models and specifications, and the output is mainly related to the selection of configuration plans and equipment models. With the development of infrastructure in various places, the demand for sand and gravel materials is increasing day by day, and the price of sand and gravel is also rising again and again. Coupled with the limited mining of river sand, many places encourage and support the development of the machine-made sand industry. Then, correspondingly, the process and equipment configuration of stone production have attracted much attention.

Under normal circumstances, the type and hardness of the crushed stone master batch should be considered first in the configuration of the crushed stone production line, whether it is limestone, granite, pebble or basalt, the hardness of the rock (the rock with a Mohs hardness above 7 is very hard), and the rock whether it is soft brittle or hard brittle type, soft brittle crushing does not require a high soldering iron crusher, high manganese steel, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.; hard brittle crushing requires high soldering iron crushers, such as cone crushers and plastic crushers. The second is to consider the performance (crushing ratio) and applicability of the crusher. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio, squeezing and crushing, and the discharging material has many needles and flakes, which is suitable for coarse crushing; impact crusher, plastic crusher products good grain shape, suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing; impact crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for crushing medium-hard and below-hard stones, and cone crusher and shaping crusher are suitable for crushing medium-hard and above-hard stones. Once again, the output is considered, which requires better matching between equipment. Finally, consider whether there is a special quality requirement standard for the crushed stone. If the crushed stone has a high requirement, it needs to be shaped and a shaping crusher should be equipped.

800t/h Cobblestone Crushing Production Line Configuration Case - Sichuan Sand and Stone Aggregate Processing System

The process flow of the system is jointly organized and designed by the owner unit and Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry. The complete set of equipment for the system is provided by Dahua Heavy Industries. The system is mainly used for the processing and crushing of natural sand and gravel aggregates. The designed capacity of the system is 800t/h. The system has reasonable process design, reliable equipment configuration performance, high production efficiency, high yield, and good grain shape, which fully meets the needs of the avionics engineering construction.

Processing material: river pebble

Finished product: 0-5mm, 5mm-20mm, 20mm-40mm, 40mm-80mm

Equipment configuration: YKR3073 vibrating screen, HPY400 cone crushers, PL100S vertical shaft crushers, 3YKR2460 vibrating screens, 3YKR2475 vibrating screens, FC1500 sand washing machines, and centralized control system.

650t/h Limestone Crushed Stone Production Line Configuration Case - Chongqing Sand and Gravel Aggregate Production and Processing System

The sand and gravel aggregate processing system of this project is a process design led by the 14th Bureau of Hydropower. All equipment of the system is provided by our company. The system has a reasonable process design and high production efficiency, and can simultaneously produce a variety of finished aggregates required for construction and sand. According to the system process layout and site conditions, our company has designed and provided 3 sets of standard centralized electrical control rooms to achieve centralized and automatic interlocking control of all equipment in the system.

Processing material: Limestone

Finished product: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm, 40-80mm, 80-120mm

Main equipment configuration: ZSW1450 vibrating feeders, ASJ-E4836 jaw crushers, PFQ1320 powerful impact crushers, PLS1200 fine sand making machines, PLS850 sand making machine, YKRH2460 heavy-duty vibration 3 screens, 3YKR2460 vibrating screens, ZKR1845 linear screens, ZKR2052 vibrating screens, XLZ1118 stone washing machines, FC1500 sand washing machine, sets of integrated electrical control rooms, etc.

Process characteristics: simple process, large crushing ratio of system equipment, high production efficiency, high output of system products, high sand formation rate, uniform distribution of finished products, and good particle shape, meeting the requirements of aggregates used in various fields of the construction industry.

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