The Super Large JC2012 Jaw Crusher helps 1000t/h Granite Crushing Production Line!
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The ultra-large jaw crusher JC2012 and HPY800 created by Luoyang Dahua were manufactured and shipped on schedule. The ultra-large equipment designed and developed by our company will help a company in Shandong's 1,000 tons of granite crushing production line!

JC2012 Jaw Crusher

Feeding opening size: 2000*1200mm; 

Maximum feeding size: 1020mm; 

Discharge opening gap: 175~300mm; 

Processing capacity: 730~1400t/h; 

Power: 355kw

JC series jaw crusher adopts modular non-welded split frame structure and welded frame structure to meet different working conditions. With its unique structure and superior performance, it is the optimal equipment for crushing various hard and strong abrasive rocks and minerals. The heavy-duty structure design is suitable for crushing various rock and minerals.

1. Reasonably optimize the kinematic parameters and cavity design, and adopt the "V" cavity design to make the crushing efficiency higher and the output larger.

2. The adjustment structure of the wedge type discharging opening realizes stepless adjustment, which is simple and quick.

3. Large-size bearings are used, with large carrying capacity and safe and reliable use.

4. The large inclination angle bracket design makes the lower stroke of the cavity larger and higher output.

5. The integrated installation structure of the main engine and the motor makes the basic handling simple.

6. The jaw plate can choose different cavity types according to the different materials to be crushed to make the crushing effect better.

7. The integral cast steel bearing seat structure is convenient for transportation and installation, and the bearing runs more smoothly.

HPY800 Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Tight-side feeding port: 35~353mm; 

Tight-side discharging port: 10~51mm; 

Processing capacity: 240~1100t/h;

Power: 630kw.

HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be widely used in the medium and fine crushing operations in metallurgy, mining, sand and gravel aggregate, cement and other industries. It can crush river pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite and other non-ferrous and ferrous metal ores.

1. The application of the principle of large eccentricity, high swing frequency and layer compression crushing makes the equipment high output, large crushing ratio and good grain shape.

2. Fixed shaft design, the main shaft is strong and can bear greater crushing force.

3. The advanced adjustment method of the liner makes the feeding stable, the utilization rate of the liner is high, and the product grain is good.

4. Advanced hydraulic protection device can effectively protect the equipment.

5. High degree of automation, simple operation and high work efficiency.

6. Advanced sealing method to ensure clean lubrication system.

7. The equipment is easy to maintain, and the replacement of parts is convenient and quick.

Our company's large-scale equipment not only has stable performance and superior production capacity, but also is equipped with a humanized operation hydraulic electronic control system to ensure the continuous stable and high-volume operation of the entire production line. This jaw crusher is the largest jaw crusher currently produced by our company. The production of JC2012 indicates that our company's technology in large-scale equipment manufacturing is becoming more and more mature.