GPY Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Processing Capacity of Medium Crushing: 115-1200 (t/h)
Processing Capacity of Fine Crushing: 45-750 (t/h)
Application Fields: mining, metallurgy, construction, chemistry and silicate, concrete foundation or steel structure base, fixed and mobile site.
Applied Materials: it is applied for medium and fine crushing of various minerals such as rock, ore, slag, refractory material, etc.


GPY series product is a high-efficient hydraulic cone crusher with single cylinder, optimally designed on the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology. It adopts the technologies on crushing chamber optimization and combination of laminating and high-efficiency. Therefore, it has the features such as smart weight, large production capacity, good product shape, and low cost of wearing parts. 

Product Features

1.Special crushing cavity, reasonable eccentricity, optimal swing frequency and higher throughput, higher crushing ratio and better partical shape.
2.Firm structure and advanced overload protective system can make sure of  long-time running and lower failure rate in hardest rock crushing  process.
3.Positive pressure dust control system ensures a perpetually clean lubrication system and avoided dust pollution and extra lubrication and manual maintenance.
4.High degree of automation and easy to operate even for common operators.
5.Most parts  can be dismounted from the top or lateral side which improves the effect of construction and meanwhile lowers the labor intensity.
6.Special crushing walls and rolling mortar wall design increases the utilization rate of wearing parts and decreases the spending on spare parts.

Working Principle

When the cone crusher works without material, eccentric bushing assembly “cling to” the spindle unit revolve with the rack wheel. When the material enter into the crushing chamber, spindle assembly (spindle, inner cone) rotate slowly inside the eccentric copper bushing under the resistance of material. The inner cone is oscillating inside the crushing chamber, which can extruding and crushing the material. When some unbroken materials like metal block falling into the crusher, the movable cone rise up by the lower piston, which plays the role of adjusting discharge outlet, iron passing protection and eliminate ore blocking.

Technical Parameters

                                     Medium Crushing
Model Eccentricity Max.Motor Power(kw) CSS(mm)/Capacity(t/h)
25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 55mm 60mm 65mm 70mm 75mm
GPY100S 20 90 115-125 140-150 155-175 165-195 180-210            
25   180-190 195-215 205-225              
GPY200S 25 160   165-215 185-235 205-255 225-275            
32     225-275 265-315 275-345            
GPY300S 25 250   210-260 245-305 280-335 310-340 320-340          
32     350-390 370-410 390-430            
GPY500S 44 315   295-320 325-360 390-440 500-560 700-770 800-870 880-950 960-1010 1030-1100 1120-1200
                                                Fine Crushing
Model Eccentricity Max.Motor Power(kw) CSS(mm)/Capacity(t/h)
8mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm 50mm
GPY100 20 90 45-50 45-55 65-75 90-100            
25   50-60 70-85 100-115            
GPY200 25 160   85-105 105-125 125-150 155-175 180-205        
32     135-155 165-185 185-215          
GPY300 32 250 100-120 110-140 155-185 185-215 220-250 255-285 290-320      
40   195-225 195-225 235-265 280-310     315-345         
GPY500 40 315   160-200 280-300 310-330 370-400 420-450 470-500 520-560 600-630 650-680
      320-360 390-420 440-470 510-540 560-600 630-670 700-750  

Customer Cases

single cylinder cone crusher
GPY cone crusher
cone crusher for granite
GPY cone crusher

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