PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher

Max. Feed Size: 600、850、900、100、1200(mm)
Processing Capacity: 80-600(t/h)
Application Fields: cement, construction, chemical industry.
Applied Material: limestone, dolomite.


For materials in medium hardness with Max. feed size between 600mm and 1900mm, compressive strength lower than200Mpa, PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher  is able to crush them into finished products with max size from 40mm to 25mm in one time which simplifies the whole process and lessen the equipment investment. This series features in simple structure, high crushing ratio, high efficiency and small space.

Product Features

1.Large feed size,high crushing ratio, uniform granularity of product.
2.High rate of finished products, granulate finished product occupies up to 85%, totally meet the requirements for use.
3.Adjustible distence of gird sections,controllable granuality and perfect particle shape.
4. To finish the primary and secondary crushing in one step with simplized technical process and lower operation costs.
5.Adoption of hammer, gird sections and impact plate all with high wearing resistance makes their service life longer.
6.Low matched power and low consumption in energy and wearing parts.

Working Principle

The electromotor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, when the materials are fed into the crushing chamber, they are crushed by impacting, cutting, hitting and grinding from the hammer which is moving with high speed. On the bottom of the rotor, there is sieve plate, the crushed materials with smaller size than the screen size are discharged from the sieve plate, and the coarse particles bigger than the screen size are retain on the sieve plate for further hitting and grinding by the hammer until they are crushed to the required granularity, and then discharged from the sieve plate.

Technical Parameters

Model Rotor Demension(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Discharge Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
PCD1412 Φ1400×1200 600 ≤25 80-130 160 20000
PCD1609 Φ1680×918 600 ≤25 50-70 110 23000
PCD1612 Φ1680×1250 850 ≤25 100-140 210 29000
PCD1615 Φ1680×1580 1000 ≤25 180-220 280 38000
PCD1809 Φ1800×870 900 ≤25 50-80 132 26800
PCD1812 Φ1800×1200 1200 ≤25 100-150 210 31900
PCD1816 Φ1800×1580 1200 ≤25 150-190 315 41000
PCD2014 Φ1990×1400 1200 ≤25 150-200 315 44000
PCD2017 Φ1990×1700 1200 ≤25 200-250 355 51000
PCD2519 Φ2530×1860 1500 ≤25 250-450 600 90000
PCD2522 Φ2530×2180 1500 ≤25 400-550 750 96800
PCD2523 Φ2530×2345 1500 ≤25 500-600 900 106000
PCD2724 Φ2750×2450 1800 ≤25 600-800 1100 127000
PCD3028 Φ3000×2810 1900 ≤25 800-1000 1500 210000

Customer Cases

①PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in Shizong county②PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in Shizong county③PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in  Yiyang county

①PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in Shizong county
②PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in Shizong county
③PCD Series Single-section Hammer Crusher Case in  Yiyang county

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PCD hammer crusher
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PCD hammer crusher

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