50TPH Pebble Sand Making Production Line Configuration

Pebble sand making machine is mainly used in pebble sand making production line, which is a special equipment for pebble treatment.

Pebble is a kind of pure natural stone. The quality of sand produced by it is higher than that of natural sand. It can not only improve the quality of building materials, but also meet the requirements of high standard building sand. Let’s take a look at the pebble sand making production line of 50 tons per hour.

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Equipment for 50 t/h river pebble sand making production line

Pebble sand making machine is mainly used in pebble sand making production line, which is a special equipment for pebble treatment. Its finished materials have uniform particle size and high compressive strength. In addition, it is equipped with vibrating feeder, fine jaw crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen and other equipment, and then connected with the belt conveyor, it can be called a river pebble production line.

1.Vibrating feeder: it can provide continuous supply of feed to ensure the normal work of crushing equipment and ensure its production efficiency.

2.Jaw crusher: The jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment for river pebble. In the secondary crushing stage, if the river pebble sand making machine is directly used, we should choose the fine crushing crusher. The large river pebble can be broken into the particle size of 30-35mm, which is directly used for the secondary sand making.

jaw crusher

3.Pebble sand making machine: The pebble sand making machine produced by our company realizes the free conversion of “stone beat stone” and “stone beat iron”, which makes the finished product have excellent grain shape, reasonable grading, and improves production efficiency. It is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping.

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4.Sand washing machine: Bucket wheel sand washing machine mainly cleans finished materials according to the wet sand making production line process, so that its cleanliness meets the national sand making standards.

5.Vibrating screen: the main purpose is to screen the broken material processed by jaw crusher, the qualified materials are sent into the river pebble sand making machine for sand, unqualified return into the jaw crusher for further crushing.

How to choose pebble sand making machine manufacturer

The whole pebble sand production line is composed of much equipment, so the investment cost is very high. Therefore, the customer should be more careful when choosing the manufacturer, and choose should according to multiple factors: the scale of the manufacturer, the price choice, and the after-sales service.

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