How to choose Crusher Machine for 300t/h Granite Crushing? How to configure the Process Flow?

Granite is a common rock. There are many crushing equipment on the market. Jaw crusher and cone crusher are used for primary and fine crushing of granite.

Granite is a common rock. There are many crushing equipment on the market. If you want to break 300 tons granite, how to choose the crusher machine? How about the process flow?

I. Recommended crusher equipment for crushing 300 tons granite

For this kind of hard rock, it is generally selected laminated crushing crusher, the commonly used is jaw crusher, and cone crusher.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher has large feed opening and strong crushing force. It is composed of two movable jaw plates. Jaw crusher simulates the movement of two jaws of animals to complete the material crushing. The moving jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate do periodic reciprocation in the crushing chamber. When the material enters the crushing chamber, the material is crushed by extrusion, which can reduce the wear of granite on the equipment. The processing capacity of the equipment can reach 2000 tons per hour, which is easy for the crushing of 300 tons of granite.

c jaw crusher

Cone crusher

Cone crusher is specially designed for the processing of fine stone with higher hardness. The spring safety system is an overload protection device to prevent foreign bodies and hard-to-break iron blocks from damaging the equipment when they pass through the crushing chamber. The granite materials can be broken by laminating crushing method. There are a variety types of crushing chamber, flexible adjustment, hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning automation, can reduce the downtime. The output can reach 2000 tons per hour.

hydraulic cone crusher
cone crusher

II. Granite crushing process

According to the configuration of granite crushing production process, there are many types, among which the common granite crushing process is processed into construction stones and construction sand with granite. The following two processes are recommended for you.

1 Process granite into building stones (10-31.5mm)

Main equipment: jaw crusher + cone crusher

Process flow: The granite material is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the feeder for coarse crushing, and the granite material below 300mm is broken out. It is transported by the belt conveyor to the cone crusher and broken into stones below 40mm. After that, the building stone with 10-31.5mm specifications is separated by the vibrating screen.

2 Process granite into construction sand (1-5mm)

Main equipment: jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine

Process flow: After coarse crushing and fine crushing of granite materials, it can also be crushed for sand making again. The sand making machine can process stones below 50mm into 1-5mm sand with less impurities and good sand size, which is in line with construction production standards.

granite crushing plant

III. How much does the granite crushing equipment cost?

There are two kinds of granite crushing process configuration, the particle size of the finished product is different, which can meet different production needs. The cost of different allocation is not the same, so the specific quotation depends on the customer’s actual production.

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