Types and Features of Pebble Crusher

The most common equipments applied in pebble processing production line are jaw crushers and impact crushers. In this text, we will introduce the tyeps and features of pebble crusher.

I. Pebble application value

Pebble is one kind of natural aggregates with hard, wear-resistance, good chemical stability properties. Natural pebble, could be widely used as gravel aggregates, in areas of hydro-electricity, express high-way/railway, bridge construction, airfield, municipal construction, skyscraper building etc engineering projects as well as sand-making and aggregates shaping for concrete manufacturing, after going through crushing, sand-making, and screening process. What is the pebble crushing production process?

pebble crushing process

II. Pebble production process

1. The material goes into the jaw crusher for primary crushing

2. Crushed material then goes to impact crusher through the belt conveyor for secondary crushing process.

3. The fine crushed materials then fall into the vibrating screen to sort out two types of aggregate according to the different granularity requirements.

pebble crusher production line

4. Aggregates meets the granularity requirement for sand-making will go to the sand-making machine, the rest aggregates will turn back to the impact crusher for fine crushing.

5. Aggregates goes through the sand-making machine will turn into sand, which becomes final sand after sand-washer’s cleaning process.

III. Pebble crusher

The most common equipments applied in pebble processing production line are jaw crushers and impact crushers.

1. Jaw crusher is usually used in the primary crushing process in Pebble making process. The working principle of jaw crusher which composes of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate that simulates the jaw movement of the animal to finish the material crushing works. Jaw crusher is widely used for medium granularity crushing of various minerals and large-block material in the fields of mining, metallurgy, building material, road, railway construction, hydroelectricity and chemical industries.

pebble jaw crusher

2. Impact crusher is used for the pebble’s secondary crushing procedure, which is high efficiency crushing equipment with characteristics of impact and simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production rate and good granularity shape. It has the material selective crushing properties. However, the plate hammer and impact plate are easy to wear out, especially, used for the application of hard mineral ores. They need to be replaced very often. By using new abrasive material, the service life of the impact crusher could be prolonged.

pebble impact crusher