What are the Construction Waste Crushers?

According to the specific production conditions of different users, crushing construction waste is mainly divided into fixed crushers and mobile crushers.

With the rapid development of the economy, urban construction is progressing at an increasingly faster pace, resulting in a growing amount of construction waste such as soil slag engineering, waste concrete, and mud. Unfortunately, the construction waste is often dumped at will, leading to not only resource wastage but also severe ecological damage. Therefore, it is crucial to urgently focus on the utilization of construction waste resources. By employing professional crushing equipment, construction waste can be processed into recycled sand and stone aggregates with specific granularities that can be effectively utilized in various applications including roadbed stones, baking-free brick, and cement admixtures, etc.

construction waste mobile crushers

According to the specific production conditions of different users, crushing construction waste is mainly divided into fixed crushers and mobile crushers.

The fixed crusher and construction waste production line are designed with a reasonable combination of feeding, crushing, conveying, screening, and other equipment. Additional equipment can be added based on specific production conditions. The main models include jaw crusher, construction waste crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher.

1, 2PGC construction waste crusher. The 2PGC construction waste crusher is an innovative and highly efficient technology that prioritizes environmental sustainability. It is specifically designed to handle concrete containing steel bars or wire, as well as secondary finished waste and brick-concrete structures.

construction waste crusher

2, JC jaw crusher. The jaw crusher has a large feeding capacity, making it easy to crush large construction waste in the crushing chamber. This reduces equipment wear and makes it suitable for primary crushing of soft, medium, and high hardness materials. It has a high crushing ratio, uniform product particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and low operating cost.

jaw crusher

3, Cone crusher. The cone crusher is primarily used for medium and fine crushing of hard materials, boasting a long service life for its durable and wear-resistant parts. It excels in stratified crushing, delivering excellent crushing efficiency. Additionally, the product’s particle size can be easily adjusted according to specific needs. With a solid and reliable structure, it offers convenient adjustment options while ensuring cost-effectiveness. There are two options available: GPY single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and HPY multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

cone crusher impact crusher

4, Impact crusher. The impact crusher is used for the secondary crushing, resulting in a relatively better particle shape with a cube appearance and no surface cracks. This makes it more suitable for crushing soft materials.

The mobile crusher is a piece of equipment used for crushing construction waste. It can be easily transported to the operation site, reducing the hassle and cost of material handling. The mobile crusher has a compact design and offers dual-use options with oil and electricity. It is capable of long hours of work. The main types include mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, and mobile hammer crusher. This machine boasts flexible configuration, convenient movement, high intelligence, and excellent environmental protection.

mobile crusher machine

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