What are the Technological Characteristics of Silica Crushing Production Line?

Silica is an important chemical raw material. Some customers may have been curious about the process characteristics of silica crushing production line. How is it different from other crushing lines?

Silica is the general name for quartzite, quartz sandstone, and quartz vein, etc., the hardness is about 7 levels, the compressive strength is 200-300mpa. Silica is an important chemical raw material, which is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.

Some customers may have been curious about the process characteristics of silica crushing production line. How is it different from other crushing lines? Here we take the EPC project of 2000TPH silica crushing production line designed by Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry as an example to talk about.

stone jaw crusher

This 2000 t/h silica aggregate crushing production line is designed by our company, the main crusher equipment are ZSW series vibrating feeder, JC series jaw crusher, GPY series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HPY series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, large vibrating screen and electric control system. The whole production line has reasonable layout, compact design, the process design is according to the local conditions, scientific design, make full use of the advantages of the terrain, reasonable planning and distribution workshop, effectively ensure the high efficiency of the crushing production line.

silica stone cone crusher

1. Green environmental protection workshop:

The whole production line adopts closed workshop design to reduce the damage to the natural environment caused by the broken dust of the machine. The whole production line workshop is also equipped with dust removal device. The complete dustproof system can effectively ensure the green operation of the production line.

2. Large hydraulic protection system:

The large cone equipment of the production line is equipped with hydraulic protection system, which can effectively ensure the smooth operation of the crushing system with high output. The hydraulic system has a high degree of automation to ensure the good grain shape of the finished product.

2000 tph cone crusher large stone crusher

3. Full set of electric control system:

According to the specific production line configuration, the company has configured a safe and reliable electric control system for the production line to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. The complete system has the characteristics of safety, intelligence, automation, easy operation, easy monitoring and so on.

4. Super large environmental protection storage bin:

The super-large storage bin can store more finished materials, reduce the damage caused by the bare material to the ecology, and the silo can also reduce labor costs and discharge efficiency, greatly shorten the loading time.

5. Cloud monitoring system:

The whole production line is equipped with high-definition camera device without dead Angle in all directions to ensure the safe and stable production of the production line, and it can also work normally in the serious dust area. The all-round monitoring system allows operators to better observe and monitor.

large stone crushing plant

6. DCS central control system:

The production line is equipped with DCS central control system, which can carry out motor protection, automatic lubrication, output statistics, speed detection, temperature detection and other functions for the whole production line. It can ensure the safety of production line, also can collect intelligent information, fully grasp the specific data of the production line.

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