Which Crusher Equipment is recommend to break Stone?

For the stone crushing equipment, the commonly used is jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher plant.

For the stone crushing equipment, the commonly used is jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher plant. Of course there are smaller models of stone crusher suitable for small gravel plants.

What equipment is need in the gravel crushing plant? There are three sets of crusher equipment configuration for your choice.

jaw crusher + impact crusher

This is a very traditional configuration plan, jaw crusher as the head crusher, gives full play to its rough break function. The crushing ability is strong, and the output is high. Impact crusher, as a secondary crushing equipment, is mainly used for the fine crushing of the material that broken by jaw crusher. Impact crusher is used for processing materials with low hardness and good brittleness. It has the function of shaping, and the discharging grain type is better.

Application scope: It is suitable for large, medium and small gravel plants to deal with materials with medium or low hardness, such as limestone, dolomite, weathered rock and so on.

jaw crusher plant

crusher + sand making machine

Crusher capacity is very high, unit capacity between 100-3200t/h, the processing capacity is very strong, but the disadvantage is that the discharge particle type is not very good, need to add a gravel shaping machine for adjustment, that is, we often say the sand making machine.

Application scope: Suitable for large gravel plant, for the treatment of various materials.

sand making machine

mobile crushing station

Mobile crushing station is a new crushing equipment in recent years, which is characterized by flexible movement and collocation. Now there are two driving modes: tire type and crawler type.

Generally speaking, planning a small gravel plant can run a single set of equipment; Planned large gravel plants can be operated with multiple units. For example, a mobile jaw crusher, a mobile impact crusher, and a mobile screening machine, theses three sets of crusher can from feeding, coarse crushing, fine crushing, screening, transporting and other links, the operation is also very convenient and fast.

Application scope: It is suitable for small plant, need to move the plant frequently, and processing flow materials, such as processing waste bricks, concrete blocks and other construction waste.

mobile crusher plant