HPY Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Model: standard type (B), short head type (D
Max. Feed Size: (B) 110-326 (mm); (D) 60-136(mm)
Application Fields: mining, metallurgy, construction material. 
Applied Material: it is applied for fine and medium crushing of medium hardness aggregates. 


HPY Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crushers are kind of new cone crushers with the lowest consumption and greatest crushing power. Moreover, they also feature in high reliability, huge production capacity, high automation, easy operation and maintenance, good product shape and low cost for wearing parts.

Product Features

1.Equipped with two impact crushing cavities which can be adjusted.
2.The upper and lower frame of crusher can all be dismounted, transported and installed in ease.
3.The two sides of it are mounted with unique openings which can be used to change the hammer and impact rack.
4.The machine self is cube-shaped and the discharge size of materials can be pre-seted.
5.Easy operation and maintenance and high efficiency.

Working Principle

When the HPY series multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher works, electric motor drive the gear shaft to rotate, drive shaft and cone body make the eccentric shaft periodically oscillating and rotating around the center axis. After the material enter into the crushing chamber, they are continuously striking, grinding and squeezing under the interaction of eccentric shaft and concave until the material reach the required granularity, and then discharged from the lower outlet.

Technical Parameters

Model Max.Motor Power(kw) CSS(mm)/Capacity(t/h)
6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 45mm 51mm
HPY200 160 55-70 60-85 80-120 105-150 130-180 145-185 150-200 165-215 185-230 210-245    
HPY300 220 75-95 100-130 110-140 145-180 170-215 190-230 220-260- 225-275 245-320 300-375 345-430  
HPY400 315   105-140 135-170 180-225 215-275 250-320 275-345 285-365 315-425 350-480 400-540 455-615
HPY500 400   135-170 170-220 225-290 270-345 310-400 340-425 360-450 400-530 425-5858 500-670 560-770
HPY800 630     240-335 315-420 375-500 420-540 465-590 490-725 545-790 585-920 670-990 765-1100

Customer Cases

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HPY cone crusher
cone crusher machine
HPY cone crusher

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